Download Fallout 76 Game

Download Fallout 76 Game

This year’s E3 was a big time for Bethesda: the company revealed new information about its iconic games such as DOOM, Elder Scrolls VI. But what is the most interesting for Fallout game fans, the official details about the upcoming Fallout 76 were revealed and it turns out that fans’ expectations were well-grounded.

The discussions about Fallout 76 started exactly when the Bethesda has released the announcement about the game – it doesn’t matter that download Fallout 76 is not even available yet. Anyway, the procrastinators were very explicit: they guessed that it’s going to be the first game in the timeline of the series and a way less ruined surrounding that in previous versions.

Turned out that these guesses were completely right – the company has confirmed the information at the E3 conference by revealing a brand new trailer in MS Xbox One show and even more insights about the game in their own event. Fallout 76 could be compared to role-playing games such as RUST or DayZ.

While everyone is waiting for the availability to download Fallout 76, there is much things to clear out.

Fallout: the Basics
If you have thought about different and not peaceful at all scenario of the Cold War, where atomic weapons were used, you can easily relate to the Fallout plot. The primary game version is set in the time of 80 years after the nuclear bombs were dropped. The surrounding is settled on wrecks of United States. The following version was telling the subsequent plot line after few decades. However, a shift happened when Bethesda overtook the development of the game – the plot of the third game version Fallout Vegas and the following edition were set two centuries after atomic explosions.

The character of the player usually is one of the survivals who live in the underground bosoms known as Vaults. The mission is to leave the shelter to investigate the demolished universe.

Even it might seem cruel, the game includes outstanding soundtrack and very funny moments. Moreover, excitement of new lands is stimulated and supplemented by advanced RPG.

If you want to see the official game trailer before the download Fallout 76 game is available, watch the one which was introduced in E3 conference by Microsoft at the timeline 2:55.

More about Fallout 76
If you are too impatient and can’t wait for the chance to download Fallout 76 game, you might be interested in more details about the upcoming version. Bethesda has approved that the upcoming version will be the first one in the series and as mentioned in other versions, it will include Vault 76 – one of the initial shelters that were created.

Therefore the expected surrounding should include the very early situation after the atomic bombing. The players will be one of the first ones to recreate the shelters and some kind of infrastructure as well as social connections. One of the most exciting missions is waiting for the Great War survivors, so you should get ready for the biggest adventure ever!

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