Fallout 76 Mutations

Fallout 76 Mutations

Fallout 76’s mutation mechanic is actually one the most underrated and cool features that the game has to offer. In the nuclear apocalypse, there’s bound to be a lot of radiation. Players need to avoid this radiation if they wish to stay safe. But sometimes, being exposed to a little bit of radiation can be a good thing in this game, as this results in character mutations in Fallout 76.

What these mutations do is boost some specific stats of the player. This sounds great, but the twist is that said specific stats are boosted at the expense of other specific stats. Mutations in Fallout 76 aren’t entirely fixated on stats though, as some of them can be random boosts that are only activated in specific situations. A prime example of this is the Adrenal Reaction Fallout 76 mutation. This lets players do a lot more damage than usual when their HP is low, but at the expense of 50 HP being reduced from the total health bar of the character.

There’s still ways to make these mutations work greatly in your favor though. Depending on your style of play, you can get specific mutations in Fallout 76 to help yourself out in combat or other situations. For example, if you aren’t a person that likes to play a melee or a heavy role, you can use the Egg Head mutation to boost your intelligence a lot at the expense of some strength and endurance. One of the best ones if you’re playing in a group is the Herd Mentality, which boosts every Special stat by 2 if you’re in a group, while also reducing them by 2 if you’re playing solo. Like this, you can learn about all the different Fallout 76 mutations and use them to your advantage.

Here’s every Fallout 76 mutation, and their pros and cons:

Pro: Grants invisibility…
Con: …as long as you don’t have a weapon equipped, and don’t move

Pro: +20 carry weight, added jump height
Con: -4 intelligence

Bird Bones
Pro: +4 intelligence, falling speed is slower
Con: – 4 strength

Egg Head
Pro: +6 intelligence
Con: -3 strength, -3 endurance

Healing Factor
Pro: +300% health regeneration
Con: -55% chem effects

Pro: + 25% damage using unarmed attacks
Con: -4 agility

Pro: Teammates take -25% damage
Con: Player with mutation takes +25% damage

Scaly skin
Pro: +50 damage and energy resistance
Con: -25 action points

Eagle Eyes
Pro: +25% to critical damage
Con: -4 strength

Pro: +100 energy resistance
Con: -20% energy damage dealt

Pro: Vegetables provide 2x normal benefit
Con: Meat provides zero benefit

Pro: Meat provides 2 times normal benefit
Con: Vegetables provide zero benefit

Adrenal Reaction:
Pro: Increased weapon damage while at low HP
Con: -50 Max HP

Electrically Charged
Pro: Chance to shock melee attackers
Con: Small amount of damage done to player

Herd Mentality
Pro: All SPECIAL stats +2 while in a group
Con: All SPECIAL stats -2 while playing solo

Plague Walker
Pro: Diseases act as a poison aura against enemies
Con: You still suffer the negative effects of the disease

Speed Demon
Pro: +20% to movement speed and reloading
Con: +50% drain to hunger and thirst while moving

Twisted Muscles
Pro: +25% melee damage, increased chance to ripple limbs
Con: -50% gun accuracy

Unstable Isotope
Pro: 10% chance to release radiation when struck by melee attack
Con: Small amount of damage done to player

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