Fallout 76 Treasure Maps

Fallout 76 Treasure Maps

Fallout 76 has a huge map. Throughout this huge map, there are lots of treasure maps scattered here and there. These treasure maps in Fallout 76 can lead players to all sorts of different goods, and are almost essential at one point in the game. If you’ve been wandering around the map hopelessly searching for them with no luck, here’s a list which can tell you the exact location of some treasure maps in Fallout 76 so that you don’t have to wander aimlessly any longer.

Fallout 76 Treasure Map Locations

Take a look at this list below which reveals the location of some Fallout 76 treasure maps depending on each specific region of the game.

Ash Heap
There are a total of 2 treasure maps in this region. One is to the north of the AMS testing site while the other is near Widow’s Perch, to the west of it.

The Mire
The mire has a total of 5 different Fallout 76 treasure maps scattered around it. One of these is right beside the Excelsior Model Home, exactly to its right and covered in grass. Like this, the maps in this region are well hidden, so you’ll have to stay especially attentive around here.

Savage Divide
There’s a total of 10 treasure maps here, and they’re all pretty hard to get in their own right. For example, one is to the right of the fissure site. While almost all of the maps here are visible even in the open, you’ll have to fight lots of enemies to get to them.

The starting area of the game, the Forest, has 10 different maps for players to find. Most of these are relatively easy to spot, such as the one that’s just southwest of the Morgantown Trainyard.

Cranberry Bog
Being the most dangerous area in the game, you’d expect the maps here to be very difficult to get to. But that’s not necessarily the case. Almost all 4 of the maps here are easy to get to if you’re in the recommended level range. For example, one of them is directly under a support structure.

Toxic Valley
Lastly, the toxic valley has 4 different Fallout 76 treasure maps for players to find too. These are pretty easy to get to as well. For example, one is just sitting there to the south of the Crashed Space Station.

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