Fallout 76 Weapons

Fallout 76 Weapons

Weapons in Fallout 76 are obviously one of the most important things in the entire game. Whether you like to melee, snipe, or play a balanced role, you’ll definitely need to use weapons as often as possible to take down enemies. Here is a guide to choosing the weapons in Fallout 76, along with how to choose the best one.

Weapon Types in Fallout 76 and How to Choose the Best Ones
There’s many different types of weapons in Fallout 76, such as melee weapons like bars, guns like assault rifles, snipers, and more. Even an entire power armor which is technically a weapon of its own. In short, Fallout 76’s weapon variety is considerably large, and choosing the best one can be a bit difficult for some players. But, the process is actually quite easy once you know how to choose.

Melee weapons in Fallout 76 aren’t exactly the same, and it’s pretty obvious which ones are better than others, meaning that the choice is pretty easy if you wish to play a melee role. But when it comes to choosing guns, there’s all sorts of different picks. Luckily, you can base of which ones are the best depending on their stats. Each gun in the game has its own stats. You can choose the best weapon for yourself through these stats.

For example, if you wish to be a sniper and fight from afar, you’ll need a gun with lots of range and lots of damage. If you wish to be a heavy, you’ll need a gun with a lot of weight, a huge amount of base damage, and great fire rate. If you wish to be a DPS, you’ll need a weapon like one of the assault rifles which are pretty balanced in all stats. If you learn more about the stats of each weapon and compare them to your own playing style, you’ll be able to find the best weapon in Fallout 76 for yourself in no time.

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