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ACAB76 – All Corpses Are Beautiful

Playing vanilla game, if a biiiiig ash ( laser, ultracite, tesla ) or a goo ( plasma ) pile is on top of your meat pile ( this will often happen in crowded corridors events such as “Radioactive Ramble” ) you just won’t be able to access and to loot it… This is why all the piles within “ACAB76-corpses” mod have all the same exact template using a same collider size ; Basically, this same collider mesh chosen for all piles is the robot pile collider :
This choice because it will offer you to avoid another recurrent problem, mainly encountered in this same popular event, the infamous “Turn-around-the-Turret challenge” ( Or, how to turn, again and again, around these “Radioactive Ramble” event turrets to never be able to get these (legendary?) loots at their feet…) This collider bounds the visuals, and a bit around, not closely sticking to it, but hey, really, it works great that way.

…Now, you’ll be 100% sure to get your reward !

Beyond fixing these issues to provide quality of life improvements, the mod also ensures each pile is using different glowing effects, particles, lights and sounds to suit the aesthetic goal I had in mind. Even if less mighty-glowing than some other mods for some piles such as meat; it still should be possible to find any of these piles in tall grasses or bushes, either in listening carefully or in watching for some visual evidences of these being here.

Currently all the flesh models are basically using a pattern with vanilla atx game mesh “atx_lootbag_guts.nif” on top of the vanilla piles. As for now, I am still unable to get custom meshes from scratch into visuals or colliders thus I have to deal only with vanilla game models, but I find atx_lootbag_guts, once scaled to the proper size, very suitable…

Well… Ok… If you’re wondering why after nuking a rabbit an humanoid skull appears in its corpse pile…
Mmaybe you first should have started to not waste a nuke on a rabbit…
..Or, maybe the opposite : You did what you have to do (wink) :
Rabbits are now eating humans and can only be erased one after another, by nukes, obviously.

As the files are in this first release, they could still be optimized a lot ( many faces are kind of useless, etc… ) I hope I’ll be able do it in a further update… if I can ever found a way to import my own custom 3D meshes ( working on faces directly in Nifskope is a pain and would take me my entire life ) Using lights in piles ( only plasma and robot ) the mod could eventually lead to a framerate drop if too many of them… However, during all of my tests, and I did a lot, in all the ‘greedy’ events ( Radiatioactive Ramble, Scorched Beast Queen, Meditation guide, etc ) all was just as smooth as usual, whatever the type of piles on the ground.

Credits: Vivec7
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