Kit’s Killer Strings

Kit’s Killer Strings

Complete and total overhaul of the UI in Fallout 76 focusing on efficiency in inventory management, providing crucial information at a glance and lots of quality of life improvements.
Get to your important stuff faster and spend less time dealing with your inventory. Many bonus features like marked exam answers, easy flux id, and more!

Mod features
Fully featured sorting and naming mod designed to make your life navigating menus as painless as possible. Prioritizes making useful things sort to the top. Much consideration has been made regarding sorting orders. Pairs extremely well with Better Inventory, however the sorting is designed to be a major improvement over vanilla even for users without it. Built from scratch in xTranslator for english versions of the game.

Junk component tags tell you whats in that Giddyup Buttercup you are eyeing. Make better looting decisions!

Completely custom food tags, making meals effects immediately apparent and helping you avoid overriding stronger buffs with weaker ones.

Apparel keyword tagging system, read more below.
Nuked flora identification, know what kind of flux you get just by looking at the plant.
Quest exams marked with correct answers (*)
Ultracite and Excavator misc mod names corrected.

Alcohol is sorted into its respective stages. Fermenting and Spirit. Vintage drinks are labeled as such.

====Weapon Tab====
Can’t do too much fancy here as weapons are dynamically named, however grenades and throwables have been pulled to the top of the list to make for quick equipping or disposal.
Tags Used:
(G) Grenade
(T) Throwable

====Apparel Tab====
I’ve done quite a bit of overhauling in this section to sort different clothing in a predictable way and I’ve adding keyword tags to outfits as listed in the game files. The intention here is to help everyone know what does or does not qualify for certain challenges in a given category. I will tell you that some things that you would assume have a certain keywords(athletic, responder, BoS, etc) do not and others have keywords for things seemingly unrelated. This feature removes that guess work.

Tags Used:
[MoM] Mistress of Mysteries Quest Items
[PA] Power Armor Chassis
(Backpack) Name of Backpack -note that redundant words are removed so no (Backpack) Shovel Backpack, its just (Backpack) Shovel. Sorts to the top, handy for folks who swap packs around fairly frequently.

(Hazmat) Hazmat Suits
[Attire] Outfits, Costumes, Uniforms, etc
Some randomly selected examples:
[Attire] Bathrobe {Formal,Sleepwear,Swimsuit}
[Attire] Pioneer Scout Skirt {Dress,Fishing}
[Attire] King Grognak {Costume, Holiday, Sleepwear}

Care was taken not exceed the maximum character count in any modified string, upon inspection you should be able to read every letter of every string.

[Dog] Dog equipment
[Head] Anything that equips on your neck or above except for eyewear. {PPE} means it acts like a gasmask.
Example: [Head] Fasnacht Deathclaw {Costume, PPE}
[Ring] For the whole 2 rings in the game. Maybe we’ll get more in the future?
[Specs] Glasses, goggles, monocles, etc. Also has keyword tagging for challenge completion.

Note: Underarmor did not receive a prefix tag due to dynamic naming when modified. However, it is tagged with applicable keywords like clothing is. Use a custom name to sort them up if needed.

====Aid Tab====
Tags used:
(Aid) Stimpaks, Salves, and RadAway up top
(AP+) Items that restore AP quickly. Useful when overencumbered or anytime you need an AP boost.
(Chem) All the drugs.
(Cure) Antibiotics and Disease Cures
(Detox) Addiction removing items.
(Drink) Water, Milk, and Inert Flux
(Nuka) Nuka-Cola Items
(Spirit) Alcoholic Beverages
(Stealth) Stealth Boys and Phantom Devices

[StatTag] All buff food sorts next and is tagged according to its buffs and are self explanatory.
Examples: [STR3] Deathclaw Wellington, [PER3] Stingwing Stew, [END3] Dog Meat Steak, [INT3] Broiled Scorchbeast Brain, [AGI3] Ground Mole Rat, [LCK3] Iguana Soup
Other Examples: [CW30] Smoked Mirelurk Fillets, [Crit20] Sweet Mutfruit Tea, [ER35] Radstag Stew, [HPrFast] Sweet Tato Stew, [Immunity20] Vegetable Medley Soup, [Melee15] Yao Guai Roast, [XP10] Cranberry Relish

(Bobble) Bobbleheads
[Blood] [Candy] Candy and Gum
[Egg] [Fermenting] Alcohol that has not reached its final form.
[Flower] Flowers
[Flux] Raw Flux
[Fruit] Raw Fruit
[Herb] Herbs
[Mag] Magazines
[Meat] Raw Meat
[Misc] Event and Quest Items like gifts or the Vox Dart
[Packed] Packaged Food
[Prewar] Prewar foods
[Seasoning] Salt, Pepper, and Spices
[Serum] Mutation Serums
[Stabilizer] Crafting materials for stable flux production
[Toxic] Toxic Waters and Nuclear Wastewater
[Vegetable] Raw Vegetables
[x] Spoiled meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, and biofluids

====Misc Tab====
The misc tab is setup to bring heavy items to the top for quick disposal and brings important quest or raid (RIP) items up to the top as well.
Tags used:
(Ammo) Gunpowder
(BBQ) Meat week critter chunks and prime meat
(V94) RIP
(V96) RIP
[Silo] Nuclear Keycards
(Ore) Nice to have it at the top so you can be reminded to smelt or dispose of it.
(Pick) Bobby Pin and Box
[Casing] Currently unused but strings exist for various bullet casings. [Casing] .50 Casing (Steel, Lead)
[Misc] Some quest items and unreleased stuffs. Fireworks maybe? [Misc] Weather Change Shell – Clear Recipe
[Scouts] Frog Habitat, Frog Jar, Captured Frog
[x] Burnt Books and Magazines

====Holo Tab====
(Silo) Nuclear Silo Status Holotape
(Game) Pip-Boy games
[Holo] The rest of the tapes.

[Bulk] Bulk Junk and what appears to be bulk ammo we may get the ability to make in an update
(Flux) Stable Flux
[Junk] Junk items that have not been scrapped down to their component parts.
[Junk-Daily] Bloatfly Gland, Bloodbug Proboscis, Stingwing Barb, and Tick Blood Sac
[Scrap-B] Bulk-able Scrap
[Scrap-V] Vendor-able Scrap
[Scrap-V94] Vault Steel

[aMod] Loose armor mods
[paMod] Loose power armor mods
[wMod] Loose weapon mods


If you’ve made it this far I’m hoping you consider giving my mod a try, I am new to making mods and fully expect there to be an error here and there. If you find anything leave a comment and I’ll jump on fixing it asap. I plan to update this mod diligently with game patches or if I have time and a bunch of new outfits drop during an event or in the atom shop.
There’s no telling how much stuff Wastelanders release is going to add, but we can bet it will be A LOT. When that time comes as long as mod support is not broken I will release a quick and dirty update to bring the strings files in line with the new .esm and then begin immediate work updating everything more comprehensively.

=====THANK YOUS=====
I want to thank Ratmonkey for his/her incredible mod and L0n36unm4n for maintaining it! I got many hours of use out of that mod and couldn’t play 76 without it! If you don’t care for my mod or you want something less busy definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

McGuffin deserves all the praise for making these things possible with his incredible tool xTranslator! With only a modicum of knowledge I was able to create this mod and meet my goals for it. I have barely even realized the full functionality of this beast of a tool that is developed and distributed for FREE.

Lastly, thanks to Bethesda for making the game. Keep pushing to make the game more fun, stable, and fair and persevering through a tough first year!

Credits: KitReptile
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