P.I.E. (Pitt Items ESP)

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P.I.E. (Pitt Items ESP)

Literally just ripped the models, made it so you could see them through walls and made them a very bright color. Keep in mind, you have to be within a certain distance or at a certain angle to see some things its really just up to the game afaik.

Items and their Respective Colors
Steel Ingot Stack –> Cyan
Crate Large + Small –> Yellow
Plan Safe –> Purple
Briefcases –> Green
Sealing Agent –> Blue
Flux Containment –> Red

TO-DO (Happening Very Soon)
Add More Quest Objectives
Gas Canister
Gas Canister Destroyed
Add Refuge Quest Items
Pepper Bowl
Salt Bowl
Carrot Basket
Tato Basket
Venison Basket
Soda Bread
Venison Tato Stew

Credits / Disclaimer
I’ve literally only ever played an expeditions twice, and today was the first time I did my Refuge quests. I was inspired to make an ESP/Glow mod for Pitt and found G.P.S. by Reddey to be pretty good, just lacking in the ESP department. Reddey’s mod uses BGSM and DDS files, which I have no idea how to edit, so I made my own take on this mod using the .nif files. This also allowed me to add the possibility of seeing these items through walls. Despite changing the model rather than the textures, this mod still suffers the same issues as G.P.S. in that any other item around Appalachia using the same model will also be glowing and with ESP. As far as I know the only items that would, would be the Plans Safe. (replacing the Communist Safe)

Dude, seriously just download a mod manager. Dragging and dropping is so much easier. If you need install instructions go to any popular mod or just G.P.S.

Credits: vctms
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