TTS – Timmster’s Tagged Strings

TTS – Timmster’s Tagged Strings

Custom sorting tags inspired by Tagged Plans and KKS.
Rare Plans and Event Plans tagged, unlearned plans sort to top.
Clothing and Accessories sorted by type.
Food and Drink sorted for Carnivore/Herbivore, Aid items tagged with buffs.
Frequently checked/dropped Misc items sort to top.
Junk, Scrap, and Mods categorized.

After the deletion of the original Kit’s Killer Strings (which he re-uploaded the same day I finished these XD), I’ve tried going back to Ratmonkey’s and tried Lyravegas, but while each did something I liked they didn’t do everything I would prefer. After seeing Stas Nobody’s Tagged Plans mod and checking it out with xTranslate I decided to spend a week making my own sorting mod.

Everything but Plan sorting is done with my own custom xTranslate rules, so no one else’s assets besides Stas Nobody’s Tagged Plans were used, and even those I heavily modified over several days based on the current Plan & Mod Database and older datamines.
I’ve also fixed a few Plans with typos or wrong names, such as the Plans for the Plasma Gun Aligned Automatic Barrel being named Laser Gun Automatic Barrel.

In addition to the sorting tags listed below, most Aid items have their buffs appended to the end of their names, such as (Chem) Psychotats {PER-3|DR+15|DMG+25%}. Unfortunately some of these are cut off becasue Bethesda programmed the Aid strings to only shrink down enough to display 37 characters. I’ll be working on shorter tags, but for now I included everything.
And on top of all that work, I spent an entire night marking all the terminal exam answers in the game with «+» at the end.

Containers and Vendors seem to have their own independent sorting system, so unfortunately (Know) Plans will still be sorted to the top of vendors, and those darn Propaganda Flyers will sort to the top of Liberators…

Note: An Asterix * At The End Of Any Tag Means It’s Untradeable (Destroys On Drop)

Any Plans You Have That Are Still Named “Plan:” or “Recipe:” Are Not Obtainable In The Game, Meaning Someone Hacked Them In. Be Careful.

© Caps

|G| = Grenades
|M| = Mines
|T| = Throwing

(PA) = Power Armor Frame
[?Stealth] = Chinese Stealth Armor and Helmet
[Back] = Backpacks
[Hazmat] = Hazmat Suits
[MoM] = Mistress of Mystery items
[Outfit] = Clothing that covers armor
[UA] = Clothing worn under armor
|Eyes| = Glasses and Sunglasses
|Head| = Hats and Helmets
|Maks@| = Masks with Air Disease protection
|Masks| = Masks without Air Disease protection (Doctor’s Masks. Yeah, ironic)

(+Aid) = Stimpacks and Healing Salves
(-Aid) = Addictol and Disease Cures
(Aid) = Radaway and Rad-X
(%Aid) Lunchbox
(?Stealth) = Stealth Boys
(Blood) = Blood Packs
(Chem) = Chems
(Chem*) = Legendary Perk chems
(Event) = Event item boxes
(H2O) = Waters (excluding Toxic) and Cream
(%Nuka-Cola) Grape = XP buff
(Nuka-Cola) = Nuka-Cola drinks
(Spirit) = Alcohol drinks
(Spirit|Ferment) = Alcohol drinks with two fermenting stages (like Nukashine)
(Stabilizer) = High Radiation Fluids and Glowing Mass
(spoiled) = Spoiled food and drink
(toxic) = Toxic Water and Goo
[%Drink], [%Food], [%Soup], [%Stew], [%Plant] = XP buff foods and drinks
[.Dog Food] Canned = Canned Dog Food for the Good Doggy Perk
[Candy] = Food that restores AP (includes Honey, Royal Jelly, Sugarbombs)
[Coffee] Canned = Drink that restores AP
[Drink] = All cooked drinks (Benefit from Herbivore)
[Flux] = Inert and Raw Flux
[Food] = All food that doesn’t benefit or suffer from Herbivore or Carnivore
[Food|Prewar] = Pre-War food
[Gum] = Bubblegum
[Meat] = All prewar and cooked food that benefit from Carnivore
[Plant] = All cooked food that benefits from Herbivore
[Soup] = All soups (give food and water) that benefit from Herbivore
[Stew] = All soups (give food and water) that benefit from Carnivore
{Bobblehead} = Bobbleheads
{Mag} = Magazines
{Mag+} = Magazines that give Games instead of Magazines
{Serum} = Serums
|Fermentable| = Fermentable alcohols
|Egg| = Raw eggs
|Flavor| = Flour, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Spices
|Herb| = Raw Aster and Strangler Pods (no Flower, Fungi, Fruit, or Vegetable keyword)
|Flower| = All raw plants with the Flower keyword
|Fungi| = All raw plants with the Fungus keyword
|Fruit| = All raw plants with the Fruit keyword
|Meat| = All raw meat
|Vegie| = All raw plants with the Vegetable keyword

(Data) Technical
(Nuke) Keycard
($) = Claim Tickets, Claim Tokens, Mr. Fuzzy Tokens, and Treasury Notes
(GP) Gunpowder
(Ore) = All the mineable ores
(Pick) Bobby Pin
Miscellaneous items
[Data] Biometric = Missile Silo Biometric Data
[Encryptid] Assaultron Recall Keycard
|Card| = IDs and Keycards
|ID| = ID Cards
|Key| = Keys
|Pass| = Passwords

(Silo) Status Holotape
[-USGov-] Supply Requisition
[Game] = Pip Boy Games
[Holo] = All Holotapes

(Plan) = Unlearned Plans
(Plan|Earle) = Plans only obtainable from the Colossal Problem Public Event
(Plan|Event*) = Plans obtainable from more than one Limited-Time Event, (Stein Displays, untradeable, only drop when unlearned)
(Plan|Fasnacht) = Plans only obtainable from completing the Limited-Time Event Fasnacht Day
(Plan|F.Range) = Plans only obtainable from the Free Range Public Event
(Plan|Gifts) = Plans only obtainable from Holiday Gifts, Mole Miner Pails, and ATLAS Donor Provisions (not rare due to duping)
(Plan|Gold*) = Plans only purchasable with Gold Bullion (Untradeable)
(Plan|Grahm) = Plans only available from Grahm
(Plan|Holiday) = Plans only obtainable from the Limited Time Holiday Scorched Event
(Plan|Mischief) = Plans only obtainable from the Limited Time Event Mischief Night
(Plan|Ops) = “Rare” and “Uncommon” Plans obtainable from Daily Ops
(Plan|Rare) = Rare Plans from rare random encounters or with very low drop rates from events and spawns (some less than 0.1%), or plans with a low drop rate (a few % or less) from Daily Quests and Treasure Maps, such as T-60 Power Armor Plans and Paints
(Plan|T.Hunter) = Plans only obtainable from the Limited Time Event Treasure Hunter
(Plan|Value) = Plans with a decent drop rate (1-10%) that are desirable such as The Fixer Plans, or should be rare but are pretty common thanks to Gifts such as Plasma Grenade Plans
(Recipe) = Unlearned Recipes
(Recipe|Biv) = Recipes earned from Biv’s Tipsy Taste-Test Daily Quest
(Recipe|Delbert’s) = The Delbert’s Recipes and such with fixed spawn locations
(Recipe|MeatWeek) = Recipes only obtainable from the Limited Time Meat Week Event
(Recipe|Ops) Liquid Courage
(Recipe|Rare) = Rare Recipes with very low drop rate (Cutting Fluid and non-Forest Healing Salve Recipes)
(Recipe|Serum) = Expensive Serum Recipes purchasable from Modus in the Enclave Bunker
(Recipe|Value) =
(Known) (Plan) = Learned plans
(NukeA) = Nuke Silo Alpha Code Pieces
(NukeB) = Nuke Silo Bravo Code Pieces
(NukeC) = Nuke Silo Charlie Code Pieces
[.Map] = Excavator’s, Miner’s, and Prospetor’s Maps
{$Map} = Treasure Maps
|Note| = All Notes

(Flux) = Stable Flux
(Stabilizer) Hardened Mass
[Bulk] = Bulk Scrap
[Junk] = Junk for scrapping into Scrap Components
[Junk|Clean] = Clean and Pre-War Junk tagged for collectors
[Junk|Craft] = Non-auto scrapable Junk used for crafting
[Junk|Fuzzy] = Mr. Fuzzy plushies tagged for collectors
[Junk|Model] =Robot Models tagged for collectors
[Junk|Music] = Musical Instruments tagged for collectors
[Junk|Teddy] = Teddy Bears tagged for collectors
[Junk|Toy] = Toys tagged for collectors
|Scrap$| = Scrap Components that can be sold to NPC vendors
|Scrap| = Scrap Components

|aMod| = Armor Mods
|paMod| = Power Armor Mods
|uaMod| = Under Armor Mods
|wMod| = Weapon Mods

[A-Ex] = Explosive Ammo
[Ammo] = Flares and Film
[A-Ba] = Ballistic Ammo
[A-En] = Energy Ammo
[A-FC] = Fusion Cores
[A-PC] = Plasma Cores

Credits: Timmster
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